Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pete Rock & DJ Premier sit down with Waxpoetics

Ahhh shouts to Icepick for the plug on this dope interview. Two of my favorite producers discussing everything under the sun about their production careers. Let's listen to what the greats have to say about the game.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Phat Root Radio 2 Days Before Christmas #32 (December 23rd) Official Tracklisting

The 5th Hour (10pm-11pm)

01. Diverse - Aint Right (DJ Mitsu Remix)

02. Surreal & DJ Balance - Moment In Time

03. Down to Erf - Formation


Peep this dope J-Essential Video for the track "Feelin" off Speaker Medicine 2. Video is top notch dopeness.

04. J-Essential & Guiladeane - Electric

05. J-Essential & Guiladeane - Acceptance

06. J-Essential & Guiladeane - Right or Wrong

07. Square Lohko - Juene

08. Square Lohko - Language De Sound

09. Square Lohko - Bling Bling

10. Khondo - Relax Ya Mind

11. Khondo - Microphone Sans Holdster

12. Khondo feat. Enz - Faut Qu'on leur dise


13. Phatkat - Dedicated

14. K-Otix - Take A Breather

15. The Roots - Section

16. Tha Alkoholiks - All Nights (5th Sequence & DJ Outclass Remix!)

17. Non Chalant - Until The Day

18. North Scientifik - Still Thirsty

The Ice Hour (11pm-12am)


01. Kendrick Lamar - P&P 1.5

02. Ayomari - The PJ&J Manifesto

03. J. Cole - Royal Flush

04. Homeboy Sandman - Calm Tornado

05. Tab-One ft. Napolean Wright - You Got Me

06. Rapper Big Pooh - Bounce

07. El Da Sensai ft. Ghettosocks - Ain't Tripping

08. Mac Miller - Good Evening


09. Gangstarr - You Know My Steez (Inst)

10. Babu ft. Doom & Sean P - The Unexpected

11. One Be Lo - Rebirth

12. Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon, Sun Good, Trife Da God, Method Man, & Cappadona - Paisley Darts

13. Jay Electronica - Exhibit A

14. Pac Div ft. Blu - Cringe

SEGMENT 3 (Baby Makin' Music):

15. K-os ft. Drake - Faith

16. Tomorrow, Yesterday - Anything

17. Like - Golden Lady

18. Andy Allo ft. Flave - Unfresh

19. Andy Allo ft. Blu - Dreamland

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another dope routine from Wax, Andy Milonakis approves

I discovered this dude through his famous "New Year's Car Freestyle" video (below). Truly representing Baltimore, he delivers his lines with an even blend of punch, clarity, and deadpan humor. Oh, and apparently Milonakis is still everywhere in hip hop . . . .

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Phat Root Radio Episode 31 (DEC 9)

The 5th Hour (10pm-11pm)

01. Pete Rock & INI - No More Words
02. Nas - Represent
03. Red Foo & Dre Koon - On This Microphone
04. Big Pun - Off The Books
05. The Dwellas - I'm Tellin' You
Commentary - Beat by Elaquent
06. J-Live - Break It Down
07. S.O.S. feat Jedi and Matrix - Shok Therapy
08. The Mischeivious LQ and The Mad Mischief Crew - Represnting
09. Kev Brown - Strugglaz Theme
10. Defari - Change and Switch
Surprise mix by DJ Outclass
11. LMNO - Grin and Bear it
12. Mic Geronimo - Shit's Real
13. NYCP - Cheeba Cheeba (Get Lifted Remix)
14. Tha Liks - Daam (Buckwild Remix)
15. The B.u.m.s - Wreck Your Ears (can do)

The Ice Hour:


01. Melo X ft. Kendrick Lamar & Mickey Factz – Rapity Rap Remix

02. Bicasso – Damn, Do The Job

03. Cunninlynguists ft. E-40 & Evidence – Running Wild

04. Bored Stiff ft. F-Dog – Show Me

05. Keith Murray – Herb Is Pumpin’

06. Uyama Hiroto ft. Golden Boy – Vision Eyes


07. 9th Wonder – Beat 2

08. Brothers Most – Bunga Natural

09. Boogiemonsters – Sodom & Gomorrah

10. Blackalicious – Reanimation

11. Mystik Journeymen – Araingus

12. Brand Nubian ft. Busta Rhymes – Alladat

13. Extra Prolific – 12 In 20 Minutes

14. Group Home – Living Proof Instrumental

SEGMENT 3 (Baby Makin’ Music)

15. Dwele – I’m Cheatin’

16. The Braxtons ft. Jay Z – So Many Ways

17. Lloyd – Want To

18. Jovi Rockwell – Keep It Real

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza

Ghetto blaster, KIDS references, a really sick Big L tee, and a dope flow over one of my favorite Lord beats?? I think you've sold me, Mac Miller.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

32 records for $17. Now watch me make a dollar out of .15 cents... beats for sale soon. Everyday Music is the spot.. jazz record heaven

Violin + DJ = dope jam session ! ! !

I feel like digging through jazz records... think I just might

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rap and the First Amendment - The Hooded Negro

Monday, November 8, 2010

Phat Root Radio Mega Episode #30 (This One's Crazy!) Tracklisting

The 5th Hour (10pm-11pm)

01. Mellow Man Ace – 3rd Eye vision (already posted this, but worth posting again!)

02. Jazzy Jeff ft. Slum Village – Back and Forth

03. Last Emporer – Monumental

04. Proof – Anywhere

:: Commentary ::

- Pete Rock & CL Smooth Nov 18th. VTech Phones & Fresh Selects present THE FIX's 4 Year Anniversary Party featuring a very special reunion performance from PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTHNov 18, 9pm Someday Lounge 125 NW 5th Ave, PDX $8 @ the door + all 4 Fix DJ's - KEZ, REV SHINES, OHMEGA WATTS & DUNDIGGY Hosted by RONIN ROC

05. Common – Nag Champa

06. Black Moon – Shit iz Real

07. Pete Rock and Deda – Too Close

08. Janet Jackson – Got Till It’s Gone (J Dilla Remix)

09. Bush Babies- We Run Things (It’s Like Dat)

10. Gangstar – Royalty

:: Commentary ::

- Luck One release party @ Backspace on the 20th. Tickets $5 in advance, $8 the door ALL AGES

11. LoopTroop – Rather Be Broke

12. – Reachin (For My People)

13. ATCQ – The Jam

14. Bob Marley – Natural Mystic

15. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Searchin

The Ice Hour (11pm-12am)

Segment 1 (Common Tribute):

01. Common ft. Mos Def – The Questions

02. Common ft. D’Angelo – Geto Heaven

03. De La Soul ft. Common Sense – The Bizness

04. Common – Thisisme

05. Common – Resurrection (Original) Versus Resurrection (K-Salaam & Beatnik Remix)

06. Common – I Used To Love H.E.R.

07. Common – One Day It’ll All Make Sense

08. Saukrates ft. Common – Play Dis (’99 Remix)

09. Common – Charms Alarm

10. Hi-Tek ft. Common – The Sun God

Segment 2 (Baby Makin’ Music):

11. Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down

12. Avant – Don’t Take Your Love Away

13. Noel Gourdin – Make The Most

14. John Legend – Used To Love You

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mellow Man Ace

Don't even think of skipping this video, DON'T EVEN THINK.
Peace to Mellow Man Ace for setting the standard of what it means to BE authentic in hip hop

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Phat Root Radio Episode 29 Official Tracklisting!

The 5th Hour

01. Mood - Snakebacks

02. Phatkat - Dedication to the suckaz

03. Square one ft. OC - Laydown and down

- Commentary- Resident beat diggas 5th Sequence and DJ Icepick!

04. Bodega Man - Sing For You

Bodega Man represents the "ill find" when it comes to searching far and low
for dope underground artists who really put it down. Man kills it on the
smooth vibe tip, a MUST peep! Go to www.bodegaman.blogspot.com and
D/L all 3 albums. Start with the Jazz Album: Recession Thinking,
you won't be disappointed.

05. Matt Reeves -Hello Get Signed or Die Trying

Yo! This is the jam, diggin the vibes again here. Support the man http://mattreevesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/get-signed-or-die-tryin

06. Luck One - Ribbon

Local heavy weight Luck One is vicious on the mic!
The beat uses the same sample in Jamals "Keep it Real",
played on our last show! D/L his free EP at

07. Diamond - This One

08. Dave Notti and Hi-Res - Go Gettaz (Come and Get it)

Local Neckbrace host Dave Notti (@Notti) and producer
Hi-Res (@HidashRes) Absolutely worth your time, peep the
full project

09. Mad Sci - Set it off

10. Lucid Music - Invisible

3 bboys putting in work for the culture, support!


11. Northwest Metropolis - Self Expression

12. Spectac - Still Superman

- MORE Commentary- Resident beat diggas 5th Sequence and DJ Icepick!

13. E Rule - All in All

14. E. bros - A toast (might be labeled wrong)

15. North Scientifik - Still Thirsty

Produced by your phatroot radio host @5thSequence!!

16. River Nelson - Moon Rise

17. I Plus I (Nicolay remix) - Love Life Music

18. North Scientifik - Fireworks

Produced by your phatroot radio host @5thSequence!!

The Ice Hour


01. Juice – So What’s Your Name?

02. Extra Prolific – In Front Of The Kids

03. Jeru – How I’m Living

04. Brother Most – Piles & Piles

05. Ex-Cowboys – Solo Inferno


06. Pete Rock& C.L. Smooth – T.R.O.Y.

07. Method Man – Retro Godfather

08. Akrobatik – Hand That Rocks The Cradle

09. Joell Ortiz ft. Talib Kweli, Brother Ali, & Jean Grae – So Wrong

10. Big L – Fed Up With This Bullshit

11. OC – War Games

12. Ab Soul ft. Punch – Can Anybody Hear Me

SEGMENT 3 (Babie Makin’ Music)

13. D-Angelo – Shit, Damn, Motherfucker

14. Anthony Hamilton – The Truth

15. Blackshire – Bad Habits

This is actually a slamming video ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

16. Chris Brown ft. Icepick & Andre 3000 – Deuces Remix (twitter.com/theICUGraduate)

Would love to make beats on this

In the future, I want to make beats on glass tablets like this.   I'll probably still use an akai S950 then.

töken experience from yöyen munchausen on Vimeo.

In the future, 5th Sequence will also only travel by segway

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New/Old Blu Track?

Don't be mad that Blu shits on all opposition... Here's something that Theo London released where Blu goes in over Theo's latest single... This is definately Phat Root Radio Approved... And if you haven't you need to get Blu's GodLeeBarnesEP! Like... Last week...


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Young Guru's experience working with Record Labels

Man, Young Guru is right on point with this. This is an essential watch for anyone attempting a real career in the music industry.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grap Luva - SP1200 Beats - LOVELY !!

I want an SP1200 SO BAD...  w\And watching this makes me want to get a job again.  I mean an SP1200 would be worth working for, but in the meantime i'll suffice watching the greats master their trade.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Icepick & Dr. K @ Soul Channel Studios Recording "Tryna Eat"

For the few people who consider themselves Icepick fans, check out this promo video we shot for the album: "Blessed Coast Mentality"


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dope watch

It's naive to give benefit of the doubt to authorities about their motives when the evidence speaks for itself.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Phat Root Radio Episode 28 (October 14th) Tracklisting

The 5th Hour (10pm-11am)

01. Jigmasters - Matrimony

02. Kankick - The Finer Things

03. Kut - O feat. K-Otix - Talkin About

04. DJ Eli and Shan Boogs ft. Cage - And So Kiddies

Commentary -
5th Sequence in the Oct. 9th Blap showcase with Illmind and Sabzi of Blue Scholars
5th Sequence in the Oct. 20th Neckbrace showcase on the 20th
(Background Instrumental = Leaf Erikson - Djarum - The Great Big Nothing)

05. Leaf Erikson - Dumbstruck

06. Dirt Platoon - D.P. Shit (produced by Fel Sweetenbeg)

07. Blind Mice - Paper Capers

08. G Depp - Head Over Wheels

09. Bahamadia - Path to Rhythm

10. Athletic Mic League 0 The 8 Sideways

11. Big Kwam - Mic to Mic

12. Jamal - Keep It Real

Commentary -
Follow us www.twitter.com/phatrootradio

13. Blackalicious - Make You feel That Way
14. Rapper Ness - Emancipation

15. DJ Krush feat. Black Thought - Zen Approach

16. Luck-One - Shine So Bright

Get the full scoop on Luck-One at www.luckoneconscious.com

The Ice Hour (11pm-12am)


01. Senor Kaos ft. P.So – Slick Money (Produced By Large Pro)

02. MF Grimm – International Rules

03. INI - What You Say


04. Pete Rock – A Little Soul Instrumental

05. Busta Rhymes – Turn It Up

06. Dilated Peoples – Work The Angles

07. Joell Ortiz – Murder

08. Funky D.L. – Keep It Classic

09. Common – Come Closer

10. The Roots – Dynamite

11. Cru – Fresh, Wild And Bold

12. Defari ft. Kurupt – Wild In The West

13. J.U.I.C.E. – Go-Ill

14. Random ft. Int Eighty & Jermicide – DJ Hero


15. Kurtis Blow – The Breaks (Instrumental)

16. Ne-Yo ft. Random – Nobody

17. Craig David – Hot Stuff

18. Avant – You Got Me (LDK Remix)

19. D’angelo ft. Lauryn Hill – Nothing Even Matters

Dope Lines...

As one of the grindtime judges put it, fatality.

"You're a nintendo bitch, i'll introduce you to tekken 6 press x to kick with an extra hit to make you flip like a tetris brick" 12:35

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sick footage of Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth WITH Q-TIP performing T.R.O.Y!

I dont really know what else to say but Enjoy...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jimmy Fallon, That One Guy, & The Roots Chronicle Hip Hop

Tossed this up on my personal facebook, but apparently never got around to putting it on the only site that matters... My apologies... I'll make it up to you with this dope video!

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Who's The Man


Pete Rock & CL Smooth Live Performance at Who's The Man Premiere Party 1993 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Phat Root Radio Episode 27 (September 30th) Tracklisting:

The 5th Hour (10PM-11PM)

  1. Blackrain – Citizen Kane
  1. A Madman’s Dream – The East Flatbush Project & Payday
  1. My Oddity – Iwere and Dideier

Commentary 5th, DJ Icepick, DJ Outclass

  1. Iz You Dee – Jigmastas – really dope
  1. Impressions – King Geedorah
  1. Learn To Earn – Down to Erf - dope use of a turntable scratch “learn to earn cuz I’m righteous"!
  1. Make or Take –Nine feat. Smooth da Hustler
  1. Jazz Sessions – Scienz of Life
  1. None Better (whip out version) Mr. Live -
  1. Nowhere to run – D Auguste
  1. Realise – El Fudge

Commentary 5th, DJ Icepick, DJ Outclass

  1. Boutique Freaks – 90 proof
  1. Uknowhowwedu (Ski RMX) – Bahamadia
  1. Vibin -Athletic Mic League

The Ice Hour (11Pm-12AM)


01. MF Borat – Tower Of Ears

02. Tragedy – Funk Mode

03. Crown City Rockers – Soul

04. Ace & Edo – Reminds Me

05. Joe Budden – Don’t Make Me


06. Ice Cube – You Can Do It (Instrumental)

07. Guru – No Time To Play

08. Funky DL – Tangible

09. Ace & Edo – Round And Round ft. Doitall

10. Black Moon – Son Get Wrec

11. Boom Bap Project – Sho Shot

12. Meth & Red – The Rockwilder

SEGMENT 3 (Baby Makin’ Music):

13. Madvillian – Raid Instrumental

14. Ne-Yo – Gone

15. Mary J. Blige ft. Jiggaman – Turn Off The Lights

16. Musiq Soulchild – Love

17. Dwele – Feels So Good

Hip Hop History in NYC, Geographically

A complete breakdown of all the communities in New York City that had a distinct place in hip hop history, with Google Maps landmarks to boot. Includes histories of Quad Studios, The Hit Factory, Rucker Park, Queensbridge, and several more.

Hip Hop History in NYC

Friday, September 17, 2010


THE 5TH HOUR (10pm-11pm)

01.Elzi - Overwit (prod dilla)

02. Natural Elements - Lyrical Tactics (prod premier)

03. Funky DL feat Guile -

04. Rakim - It's Been a Long Time

05. The Roots - Dynamite

06. Common ft. Slum Village - Thelonius

07. Black Moon - I Gotcha Open

08 Sol - I love this shit (prod Portland's D. Green)

09. Common - Nag Champa

10. Michsu the Drumkit ft. Dutchmassive - I won't Stop

11. Storm Davis ft Reason & Symmetry - Snakes In the Grass

12. Moka Only - Living In A Dream

13. Syntax ft. Jade - Hold On

14. Shad - I Don't Like To

15. Specifics - Under The Hood

THE ICE HOUR (11pm-12am)


01. Pauly Yamz ft. Peedi Peedi – Branded (Jazzy Jeff Remix)

02. Statik Selectah – Did What We Had To Do ft. KRS-One, Larry Cheeba, & Large Professor

03. K. Sparks – Visual Sound

04. Omar Cruz – The LLA

05. Rakim – Metaforce ft. A.O.N.


06. Sheek Louch – Good Love Instrumental

07. Jay-Z – Empire State Of Mind (NickTRecordz Remix) ft. Alicia Keys, Biggie Smalls, & Nas

08. Metaphor The Great – Do That

09. Cali Agents – Breakadawn


10. Rascalz – Funky Migraine Instrumental

11. MAGr – Laminated Looseleafs ft. Blu

12. Get Busy Committee – My Little Razorblade

13. Reflection Eternal – Hunters ft. Krondon & Phil Da Agony

14. Pete Rock – The PJ’s ft. Raekwon, Masta Killah, Styles P, & Sheek Louch


15. Rick Raine – Groove Me Instrumental

16. Maze – Before I Let Go

17. Zhane’ – Groove Thang

18. ZO! – Somethin’ Special ft. Yahzarah

Saturday, September 11, 2010





PORTLAND, OR SEPT. 10, 2010 --

"A fair amount of hip hop albums these days -- even underground hip hop albums, are being produced without any scratching at all," says North Scientifik's DJ Outclass. "Dope scratch hooks and DJing are an integral part of the true hip hop formula."

Word of the North Scientifik project spread over three years ago shortly after producer 5th Sequence and MC Serious George first met to record "Saturday Afternoon", one of several nostalgic hip hop singles from the album.

"With 'Building', we aimed to capture what we loved about the 90's -- hip hop's golden era," states 5th. The three man group spent time perfecting the balance of rhyme, unique sample-based production, and hard hitting 12-bit drum patterns.

"I grew up listening mostly to jazz and 90's hip hop," says 5th, "Premier, Dilla, Pete Rock, all of those cats inspired me from a young age." Legendary influences aside, 5th's work screams originality. A true signature production style, marked by gritty drums and original sample chops, can only be done justice by an MC of a particular caliber: enter MC Serious George.

"I used to listen to Black Thought, Boot Camp Clik, O.C., shit like that," says Serious George. "I come from the school of thought where lyrics -- specifically cadence and delivery -- reign supreme". A self-proclaimed mic ripper, Serious George and his style is described as "completely unpredictable, definitely your local MC's secret favorite MC."

'Building' contains an impressive 30 tracks, filling the entire CD with over an hour of fresh, out-the-crates break beat production -- for those who still love H.E.R. If you cringe when you hear the phrase "mainstream hip-hop", then you share the group mind state of North Scientifik.

'Building' is available for online purchase at www.northscientifik.com. 'Building' was completely written, produced, tracked, mixed, and mastered at Soul Channel Recording Studios, which is a division of Soul Channel Media Group, LLC., an independent mixed media company based in Portland, OR.

For more information and to schedule an interview, contact Brandon Johnson at:
Tel (503) 369-5837, Email: 5thsequence@gmail.com



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Phat Root Radio #25 (That’s 1/4th of a 100 Episodes!) Tracklist

Phat Root Radio #25 (That’s 1/4th of a 100 Episodes!)

The 5th Hour

01. Breeze Eva Flowin – Between The Seams

02. Yakballz - My Claim

03. Artifacts - This is da Way

04. Artifacts - Where Yo Skills At

05. Artifacts - Art Of Facts

06. Artifacts - Break it Down

07. Afu Ra - D&D Soundclash

08. Fu Shnickens - Breakdown (dunkafelic Remix)

09. El Da Sensei - Hold On

10. A.D.O.R - From The Concrete

11. Afu Ra - Equality

11. Big L - Da Enemy

12. MF Doom - Raedawn

13. DITC - Thick

14. DJ Premier - X-Ecution

The Ice Hour


01. The High & Mighty ft. Evidence & Defari – Top Prospects

02. Akrobatik – Convo

03. Dead Prez – We Want Freedom

04. Afu-Ra ft. GZA – Big Acts, Little Acts

05. Blu & Exile – Dancing In The Rain


06. 9th Wonder – Beat 1

07. Black Milk – Long Story Short

08. Boom Bap Project ft. Pep Love – Networth

09. Alchemist ft. Prodigy & Nina Sky – Hold You Down

10. Da Nayborhoodz – Only The Strong Survive


11. Gangstar – Royalty Instrumental

12. Special Ed – Think About It

13. Ahmad – The Jones

SEGMENT 4 (Baby Makin’ Music):

14. De La Soul – Foolin’ (Instrumental)

15. Musiq Soulchild – Speechless

16. Anthony Hamilton – Her Heart

17. Blackshire – Tonight

18. Raheem Devaughn – Re-invented Sex

19. D’Angelo – Ghetto Heaven

Monday, August 30, 2010

Supernat's 8 Minute Rock The Bells Freestyle!

If you don't know about Supernatural's supernatural freestyle abilities, then you probably aren't worthy of listening to Phat Root Radio lol If you've never heard of Supernat, then watch this video and peep game...


DJ Zimmie presents: You Got To Grill 1 & 2

Spotted and downloaded at hip hop megablogsite Kevin Nottingham...
DJ Zimmie does this mix up right... Blending and mixing all sorts of classic jawns to bring you a jam packed hour of feel good music and head nodding jams...
I listened to this yesterday at work with the gang, and I have to say, the entire time, I was like: "yeah, I wish I was barbecuing to this right now..." lmao

Download it here and if you're feeling it, try to get your hands on volume 1!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Common Speaks On New Album "Believer" W/ The Huffington Post

This was before he became an emerging leading man whose charisma filled the screen in films such as Smokin' Aces, American Gangster, Terminator Salvation and the recent Just Wright. This was before he became a philanthropist whose mission was to inspire today's young people to boldly climb the apex of their potential. This was when he could actually walk into a radio station, and if the DJ liked his song, get his record played without the big push of a major label. This is Lonnie Rashid Lynn. From the Southside of Chicago, I might add. The man who would become known to the world as Common has been blessed with a bountiful career in an industry that feasts on the forgettable tastes of one-hit wonders.

Whether he was taking a whole sect of artists to task for taking his beloved hip-hop in a wayward direction or wearing crochet hats and chilling with beautiful women while rapping over eclectic melodies--Common has always stayed true to himself. As we rapidly move through our Lord's year of 2010, the thriving artist has two projects on the horizon: a TV series in development for AMC titled Hell on Wheels and his long-awaited next album, The Believer. The latter looks to link Common back up with his friend and frequent collaborator, Kanye West. The two artists had to take a creative break during Common's 2008 album, Universal Mind Control, because of schedule conflicts.

But in the midst of all his professional success, Common has not forgotten about his hometown of Chicago. The city has been a staple on news networks this summer because of the alarming murders of young people in the city. With his foundation, Common Ground, and help from fellow Chicago luminaries such as Dwyane Wade, Common looks to offer an outstretched hand to preserve the forsaken members of Generation Y-- before it's too late.

Taking time to talk after a performance in Columbia, MD, Common waxed poetically about a plethora of topics. But we all know that the conversation would eventually make its way back to H.E.R.

You've been in hip-hop for nearly 20. As an active participant and observer, how has the culture shifted, changed and evolved?

Well, I definitely feel it has become more of a powerful force as far as influence, viability and marketability. [Hip- Hop] started as us expressing ourselves in the parks, in basements and in the clubs. But then it became where hip-hop is being used in commercials and having an influence on the way people walk and talk--I think that's the really positive thing. I think it has actually provided an outlet for many young people to express who they are. That's where I found my voice, in hip-hop. Like, that's where I found out who I wanted to be and who I am. In the same context, it's become such a big force and a powerful force that it has maybe lost some of the pure aspects, too. Not with every artist, but in some ways because it is so corporate run.

You're an artist who is known to make classic material. Can you talk a little about the process that goes into creating your music and picking and choosing the final beats and songs that make your album?

Well, first I get a title for the album, which gives me a direction and a theme to go with. But then the album always turns out to be something that elevates beyond even what I thought it would be. I also like to take the best of producers--meaning someone I vibe with whose stellar at what they do. If I want to make a classic album, I need to be working with someone that's going to make classic material and also bring out the classic aspect of me.

It seems that you make it a point to promote the uplifting of women in your music--specifically African-American women. Does the misogyny in music ever bother you at times?

I think that [misogyny] existed in the world before [hip-hop]. Unfortunately, there are people who haven't been raised to know how to treat women with respect. [Misogyny is] all some people know, in a way. That's what they've been accustomed to and that's what they've been exposed to. I can't fault our generation, or hip-hop, for being the culprit of that. It's not only a black thing; if you look at it, you see it in a lot of cultures. But that's something we have to work on. And I make it a point to say that, in hip-hop, you don't have only that. You do have artists like Dead Prez, Mos Def, Talib Kweli; people that respect women in their raps. So, it does exist.

You've recently switched your gears towards acting, and have been very successful at it. Can you talk a little about when you caught the acting bug and what makes you decide to commit to an acting project?

I got hit with the desire to act around 2000. I felt like I wanted to do something else in a creative way. I started taking acting classes and I was like...'man this is it.' I felt like I was engaging in a new aspect and discovering a new career; I was very enthused about it. From taking classes and going out and auditioning, I decided to keep pursuing it. It became something that I just wanted to do--to let that be the next chapter in my career.

One thing that I just enjoy and love about it is that it's just a constant learning process. When you take on roles, you're taking on becoming other people. If I'm playing a journalist, I really would shadow you and learn what it's like to be a writer. And at the same token, that gives me a better understanding of people. So, I definitely see [acting] in my future--as far as my career goes.

Can you talk a little about the new AMC project you are attached to star in, Hell on Wheels?

Yeah man...I'm very excited about it. It's a period piece that takes place in 1865, dealing with the building of the transcontinental railroad. The script that I read is about the conflicts of the different characters, and my character is a freed slave who is coming in to work on the railroad. Being a black man in that environment and in those conditions, not being subjected to the way slaves were treated...he really establishes himself as a leader. At the same token, [my character is] dealing with trying survive in that time period. Aside from my character, it's also conflict about the Native Americans and how they felt towards white men, and white people going against each other. It's a really strong script and I'm excited about the project.

Can you also talk about your new album in the works, The Believer?

I named the album The Believer because I feel like my career has been all about believing in myself. I think as human beings, if we apply that, we can achieve what we want to achieve. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I've been able to practice it everyday, but I strive to. If true belief is there, man, the world is yours. The album itself is really going to be a hip-hop uplifting album--culturally relevant, inspirational, hardcore hip-hop. In the spirit of KRS-One, Rakim, Nas, Kanye--cats that bring what really means something to people's lives.

As an MC who proudly wears your hometown of Chicago on your sleeve, I know it must bother you to so often hear about the murder of young people going on in the city this summer. Is there anything you have planned to do, to personally lend a hand to the epidemic that is taking place?

It's sad what's going on, because we just want to stop it. You know--what we can do to stop it? I understand that it's something that's been going on in our culture for years. But now it's tougher on the young people because they really don't have anything upholding them; they don't have the opportunities to go out and just have some activities and something productive for them to do. And then being put in situations where you don't have parents, so they don't have any guidance.

I think that's where the problem lies, but the solution is taking the village and really putting together the abilities to reach the young people. From my experiences in talking to them, they just want things to do--whether it's jobs or whether it's, like, activities. With Common Ground, we just started this program in Chicago with young people. They can take different courses and do different activities, whether it's cooking or whether it's creative arts. It can also be academic things. That's what we're doing right now. But there's more to do, too. It starts with the way we're going to treat our young people--our children. Some children don't have parents around, so we have to reach out and say something to them that's going to be inspiring. Something that can be said that can spark their lives...you know?

For more on Common and his foundation, visit www.commongroundfoundation.org.

Follow Timothy Cooper on Twitter: www.twitter.com/thecostmagazine

Actual Proof - No Competitors

I know... I know... Neither me nor 5th have been updating the blog AT ALL since the last show... For this we apologize, and plan to remedy... In an effort to set short term goals, I, Icepick will commit to posting two posts each day... Rain or shine... (I'm not promising they'll be good, but they'll be chock-full of content lol)

This is a group called "Actual Proof", a 2 man hip hop group from North Carolina being introduced to the "game" by legend 9th Wonder... They just (last week) dropped an FreEp: "The Genius EP) just google search it if you're trying to download it... I did... now it's one of the best projects I've heard in the 2nd quarter... Definitely sharing it with 5th, as the music is up his alley...


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Super Sick 2 Hour Instrumental Edition Episode #24

Phat Root Radio Episode #24

The 5th Hour

01. (intro) 9th Wonder – Beat 7 – Unreleased instrumentals Vol 3

02. Kev Brown – Always – A Touch of Jazz

03. J Dilla –climax (girl shit) - Fantastic Vol 2

04. Jazz Liberators – Blue Avenue - Fruit of the Past

05. 9th Wonder – Beat 1 – Unreleased instrumentals Vol 1

06. Pete Rock – Play Dis Only At Night – Petestrumentals

peep this - Hi Tek vs Pete Rock on the same sample. 5th Declares Pete Rock, but judge for yourself!

07. J Dilla – Nag Champa – Like Water For Chocolate

08. K Def – Getting Hot – Beats from the 90’s

09. No ID – Orange Pineapple Juice – Resurrection

10. Artifacts – Wrong Side of the Tracks -

11. MF DOOM – Cedar – Special Herbs vol 7 and 8

12. J Dilla – Only 2 can win

13. Jazz Liberators – Loop Prisoners


14. Heltah Skeltah – Therapy Remix

15. Verbally Diseased – Blowin Up The Spot

16. DJ Premier – Unbelievable

17. Pete Rock – Petestrumentals

18. J Dilla – 1nce again

19. Statik Selektah - Show Off Remix

The Ice Hour

01. The Passion Hi-Fi – Back To The 90’s

02. 9th Wonder – Beat 2

03. J. Dilla – Say It

04. Supa Dav West – U Can Do (Life)

05. DJ Premier – Insp-Her-ation

06. Gangstarr – Full Clip

07. L-Fudge – Liquid

08. Vooodu – Who Am I

09. Dilated Peoples – This Way

10. Saukrates – Keep It Movin’

11. DJ Premier – It’s All Real

12. Dave West – Baby Phat

13. DJ Evil Dee – Buck Em Down

14. Poke (Of Trackmasters) & Puff Daddy – Juicy

15. Patch Adams – BeSene

16. Evidence – Three

17. ATCQ – Electric Relaxation

18. Epik The Dawn – You’re My Sunshine

19. E. Jones – Sunny CA

20. Skate Bravo – For Love

21. Yung Platinum – Fire, I Got You

22. DJ Premier – 7 Days Remix

23. Rockwilder – Do You Think About Me